Sukiyaki – すき焼き

It had been along time since my last post (/ω\)

I was lived here for 1,5 years and sadly, I barely know how to make a Japanese food.. (´・ω・`)
So,  today I want to share a Sukiyaki recipe that I’ve learned recently. My friend’s mom taught me how to made it. It was so nice of her.. ♪♪ This is a typical Japanese food.. So it was so nice if I can learn from Japanese directly and not from recipe books.. haha
I hope I can make everybody around the world be able to make it too, even I wasn’t able to give 100% illustration of it (^^♪

– 300 gr Beef (sheets of meat)
– 2 pcs Leeks
– 1/2 pcs Napa cabbage
– 1/2 pcs Konyaku Noodles
– 2 pcs Mushroom (any kind of mushroom)
– 1 pcs Grilled tofu
– Beef Fat

– Soy Sauce (They called it Shoyu here)
– Salt
– Eggs (It depend on how many people will eat)

How to cook: 
– Prepare saucepan, put beef fat as an oil and spread it all over the saucepan
– Put beef, leeks, napa cabbage, mushroom and cover the saucepan until ingredient withered
– Put konyaku noodles and grilled tofu
– Pour soy sauce and salt equally as your taste

How to eat:
– Put 1 egg into your bowl and whisk off
– Put Sukiyaki into your bowl and EAT!! (∩´∀`)∩

Cut the vegetables in the big size.
Don’t put all vegetables in one time cooked, because you want to eat it while heated on the portable stove.


Whoooaalllaaaa finished!!
It was so fast to made but I will never made it if I have to eat alone.. Because it kind of food that you want to eat together.. So, It will be so sad if you eat it alone.. hahaha..

You can eat it with rice or just Sukiyaki. But, I suggest you to eat it without rice or with a very little rice, because you will be full of sukiyaki!! I was lost my control at that time and I was so full of sukiyaki.. It was healthy and so delicious!! hahaha..

And you know what?! The best part of Sukiyaki that I like is the vegetable and tofu!! ( *´艸`)

Happy cook time!!
By: Queen – Bee


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