First Autumn in Japan

I’m sorry, I forgot to write in my blog about one month.. I’m not so busy, but yeaahhh a little bit lazy.. hahaha..

I know, it had been a while since last autumn.. Even now is summer..
But, I still think it’s important to talk about autumn.. (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)
Because this is my first see autumn, So I will share my favorite picture.. ^^

I don’t know about autumn before.. I just saw autumn in movies, but now! I can saw with my own eyes,,
I love spring and summer, but I do Love autumn!!
In autumn, everything looks so dramatic, so mellow and so beautiful..
We can look tree change in to three color as green, orange, and red..

I came to Japan when autumn just begun..
Autumn is a season between summer and winter, so the wind feel dry and hot but the weather is getting cold..
I had my first festival in Autumn too.. This picture I took when I go to campus festival. Everyone look so happy and enjoy. Even in that time, I just a new student in here and don’t have a Japanese friend plus I can’t talk Japanese well, but I’m happy.. I’m happy because they’re happy.. ^o^


This picture I took at festival in autumn!!
I love this picture so much.. I hope you like it too..
I don’t want to talk more, but I just want to said that I love autumn! I love live here! I’m feel so thankful because I have an opportunity to feel this feeling..

Let’s go aboard..
Let’s try something new..
Let’s grow up for better reason..
Let’s Smile.. ^^

By: Queen-Bee


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