Welcome Spring!!

This week is already second week of may..
Spring is coming although it was a little bit too late than last year (they said), but I really happy to greet spring!!

Now, I know their feeling, I mean, I always read and watch that spring is love season or happiness season, So yup! Spring deliver happiness.. especially for me, I happy because it wasn’t cold anymore – tropical girl – hahaha..

Btw, When spring came, my family came here and we had a really good time together!! Yattaaaaa.. I really happy..

Spring in Japan is special because Sakura will blossom every year in that time.. I was thought that Sakura will be there as long as spring as well.. But, it’s not true!! Sakura just survived for 2 or 3 weeks.. And if spring came late right this year, it will bee hard to got Sakura in good weather for tourism.. My family was able to saw Sakura, but the weather really extreme in Osaka that day.. So, we are still freezing to death!! Hahahaha

Now is still spring and the weather really nice.. I love this weather.. The sun is not to hot and the wind is blow so gently.. I got so much energy just because of this situation.. I felt like I had so much energy to do anything!! Hahahaha

And, you know reader, it will be summer soon, so they already start to wear a summer cloth.. They look so gorgeous.. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Lunch and enjoy the beauty of Sakura

That picture I took when lab member and Sensei go to Matsuyama Castle and enjoy our lunch under Sakura’s tree.. It was really fun and worth it to do!!

I love spring!!
Let’s have a good time in this season!! *\[^o^]/*

By: Queen-Bee


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