Tekwan – Ala Mia

Why “ala Mia”?? Because, I made this tekwan with limited ingredients that available. LoL ^o^ But, I still make tekwan meatball with proper way as Real tekwan ψ(`∇´)ψ Winter time is a great time to cook everything I want, Everyday I want to eat more and more. hahaha So, I called my mother directly in … More Tekwan – Ala Mia

Chicken MeatBall

“Chicken Meatball” or “Bakso Ayam” (Indonesian) Meatball is my #1 Favorite Food.. When I was first year in Bachelor, I have overweight problem because everyday I ate meatball in large number -__-” ~ For the record, I move to Yogyakarta when I Bachelor degree. Yogyakarta is a very very cheap city and have various culinary, … More Chicken MeatBall