Tekwan – Ala Mia

Why “ala Mia”??
Because, I made this tekwan with limited ingredients that available. LoL ^o^
But, I still make tekwan meatball with proper way as Real tekwan ψ(`∇´)ψ

Winter time is a great time to cook everything I want, Everyday I want to eat more and more. hahaha
So, I called my mother directly in Indonesia to give me her secret ingredients (^ν^)
In this cold day I cook with Indonesian friends in the same apartment of me (Mrs Asih Family and Mr. Firman).

Tekwan meatball:
– 200 gr Spanish mackerel (tenggiri – Indonesian)
– 100 gr Shrimp
– 50 gr tapioca strach
– 2 pcs Garlic
– 1 pcs White egg
– 1 tps salt
– 1/2 tps sugar

Tekwan Soup:
– 50 gr shrimp
– 3 pcs Garlic
– 1/2 Onion
– 1 lt water
– 1/2 pepper
– 2 tps salt

Other complement:
– 2 pcs Carrot (chopped)
– 50 gr Chinese vermicelli (sohun / 春雨 ) –> pour with hot water
– 100 gr bean sprout
– 50 gr mushroom (you can use any mushroom)
– 2 pcs green onion


How to make;
– Minced fish, shrimp, and garlic
– mix all the ingredients till mixed well
– boil water and make a small ball of that. Boil until meatball come to the water surface.

– Minced onion and garlic, stir fry with little oil (olive oil or vegetable oil will be better)and add shrimps (chopped small)
– Put water in that stir fry until boil, add carrot, bean sprout, and mushroom
– Put all the meat ball into soup and boil little.

– Put soup into the bowl
– Add Chinese vermicelli, fried red onion and garlic (if you like)

Tekwan complement ingredients should not carrot or bean sprouts, but because it is rather hard to find a ear mushroom, yam and tuberose in Japan at winter, so I made a little variation ^^

That ingredients of tekwan quite enough for 5 people and we are feel so full.
About the taste, it must be delicious because I made it seriously.. LoL >_<

Let’s try to make it!!
Happy cooking all!!
Selamat mencoba…

Nb: If you need Recipe in Indonesian, feel free to contact me by email, I will try to give it to you.. ^^

By: Queen-Bee


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