Chicken MeatBall

“Chicken Meatball” or “Bakso Ayam” (Indonesian)

Meatball is my #1 Favorite Food..
When I was first year in Bachelor, I have overweight problem because everyday I ate meatball in large number -__-” ~ For the record, I move to Yogyakarta when I Bachelor degree. Yogyakarta is a very very cheap city and have various culinary, So it’s make me ‘lost control’ Hahaha LoL σ(^_^;)

I remember when I was 12 years old and very hard to eat (Choosy about food) and my mother said, “If you don’t wanna eat my food, so you have to make with your own”. And after that, I learn to cook and good in cooking (specially my fav food) 😀
Live in Japan isn’t so hard, but I still have eating problem because I can’t buy meatball anymore (T__T;). Fortunately, today is a rainy day and it was very very cold for me and I decide to make a meatball to warm up my body ~ but because beef is so expensive, I use chicken meat. I wanna share the recipe; ^_^

* 600 gr Chicken meat (without fat)
* 250 gr tapioca strach
* 2 pcs Egg (get the white and separate the yellow)
* 4 pcs Garlic (fry it first is better)
* 100 ml Cold water
* 1 tbs salt
* 1/2 tbs sugar
* 1 tps pepper

Bakso Ayam

How to Make:
* Minced chicken meat and garlic together
* Mix that chicken with white egg, water, salt, sugar, pepper
* After all ingredients mix into one, put tapioca strach and mix well
* boil water (Around 1,5 l) and after boiling put the dough in (make it like small ball) and wait untill meatball float ~ remove and drain it
* Repeat boiled (step 4) until the dough runs out.

Yuppss, Chicken meatball already finish!! \(^0^)/
I don’t make the sauce, because I don’t wanna eat it yet now. So, I put that chicken meat ball into plastic and storage in refrigerator ~ If you want to make the sauce, it’s easy to make, you just have to mince candleberry tree (kemiri) and garlic, after that fry in a little oil and mix it to boil water (around 1 lt) plus off course add some salt and fried onions~ For dressing you can put noodle, leeks, and ketchup or chili (if you like spicy).

I need around 45 minute to make it and produces around 75 pcs Meatball.
In Japanese Money (yen) I spent about 600 yen (六百円) and maybe it will resistant up to 1 month in freezer.

Happy Cooking all ♪( ´▽`)
Selamat Mencoba..

By: Queen-Bee


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