Chicken MeatBall

“Chicken Meatball” or “Bakso Ayam” (Indonesian) Meatball is my #1 Favorite Food.. When I was first year in Bachelor, I have overweight problem because everyday I ate meatball in large number -__-” ~ For the record, I move to Yogyakarta when I Bachelor degree. Yogyakarta is a very very cheap city and have various culinary, … More Chicken MeatBall

Siomay Ayam

“Chicken Siomay” Today I really really want to eat Siomay but, it was very hard to find siomay without pork in here (Japan) and off course the taste is very different with Indonesian taste. So, I decide to make siomay immediately – this afternoon. Actually, this siomay isn’t just consist of chicken, but also there’s … More Siomay Ayam