Siomay Ayam

“Chicken Siomay”

Today I really really want to eat Siomay but, it was very hard to find siomay without pork in here (Japan) and off course the taste is very different with Indonesian taste. So, I decide to make siomay immediately – this afternoon.

Actually, this siomay isn’t just consist of chicken, but also there’s shrimp – and because I don’t really like shrimp, so I just put a little shrimp in this siomay. hahaha ^o^
How to make siomay is likely same with meatball. So, it was easy to make, maybe take a time around 1 hour 😀

* 200-250 gram minced chicken (without skin/fat)
* Shrimp as you like (dice into pieces)
* 1 pcs Egg
* 2 tbs wheat flour
* 5 tbs tapioca strach
* 1 tbs sugar
* 1/2 tbs garlic powder or minced
* Salt, seasoning, and pepper as you like (maybe around 1 tsp)
* Green onion as you like (chopped)
* 30 pcs spring roll skin (or you make it by yourself with flour+egg+water+salt)

(Recipe and Made by Me – Queen Bee ^^)

How to make:
* Mix egg, sugar, salt etc, and green onion
* Put minced chicken and shrimp, stir untill mixed.
* Add flour and mix it.
* Put 1/2 tbs that dough to spring roll skin and make it like a bowl
* And the last, You can cook with microwave or you can steam it for 15-20 minutes (In Indonesia we call it ‘Kukus’)

Yippie, Siomay already finish…
You can eat that siomay immediately or you can fries it and eat with a peanut sauce (In Indonesia we call it ‘Sambel Kacang’). And off course I don’t make that souce, I just instant sauce that I bring from Indonesa (o^^o)

Nb: If you want to make a lot of siomay without add chicken or shrimp, you can add water into it around 100 ml + corn flour + salt as you like.. ^^

Happy cooking all..
Selamat Mencoba..

By: Queen-Bee


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