Play Soccer in Japan

Happened last week ( 03 Nov 2012)

Since I was in elementary school, this is the first time I play soccer with men -__-” But, it really really fun for me – although I’m not contribute much – happy happy ^o^

Soccer has a lot of name in the world. We call it football in Indonesia.
We play soccer because that day was a tournament of Engineering Laboratory that sponsored by Okamura Sensei (our supervisor) – It call “Okamura Cup” – Actually, we just play for a half court – in Indonesia we call ‘futsal’.

This tournament has 8 group that compete which are 7 group from each laboratory and 1 group is a combination lecture in every laboratory. There is no different role and hesitate to compete between lecture and students. This situation makes the atmosphere more fun.

Tournament start from 9.30 am and began with the preliminary round. Tournament end in 4 pm and we get the winner, but I don’t know who – because in Japanese language. Lecture group in the third place and my Lab in fourth place.. hihihi –.–

(Not yet available T-T)

O,ya.. when Inoue read the role of tournament, there’s some role that make me feel weird and laugh. That is ‘we aren’t allow to speak load and make a noisy or yelling‘, because it can bother settlement around court – I know Japan is so quite, but I’m not expect that 😀 – But, It wasn’t just me alone who laughs, but other friends were also surprised (but not laugh) hahahaha…

And there’s another role that I think is very clever and never I found in anywhere, that is ‘If who scored is a woman, so the score is 2 time than a man’. So, everyone try to give me ball, but still my kick is weak and powerless and I can get score in whole game. hahahahahaha :))

Before the game is over, there is a old lady who come to our court and tell us to be quite – whereas I think this is the most silent than any game I ever see -___-” But it was still noisy for people in here.

Although, this game is so quite, but it’s not reduce the sense of fun. It’s fun because they didn’t look women in discrimination way, even they encouraging us. In addition, lecture also want to take part in the match with students. Plus, I don’t feel big gap between lecture and students. But!! off course, lecture who took a part were young lecture (under 55 years old) and still can lightly move – It will be painful if that old lecture get sliding tackle – hahaha..

So, that was the story of my first mix soccer tournament and it occur in Japan.
In addition, If there’s a wrong word, I apologize ^^

By: Queen-Bee

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