Japan – First Time

I’m Indonesian..
But, I just learn to write in English.. I hope it won’t be bad,, ^o^

I’ve a simple dream when I was a child, I wanna be a rich girl. hahaha.
Maybe you will laugh or say I’m a materialistic girl, I’m not!! I’m a realistic girl.. :)) I will make it true by my own hand and I will struggle for it. The reason I want to be rich is so simple, I want to go to many place. I want to see a new place, learn their culture, and their language. The point is I love traveling. LoL 😀

When I was in Junior High School, I start read Manga and because I live in small town with limited information, I want to see Japan with my own eyes. Why Japan? Maybe you will said that it just because Manga and Anime, Yes, You right :D. However, I was fascinated with the way of their life and their culture, also their power.. That time, I swear I will go to Japan, although I should be workers or just traveling for a few day. Since that day, I always pray, hope it will be true one day And it Happen!! *over act* (o^o^o)

To the point,..
Finally I get a chance to continue my Master degree in Japan. This opportunity and the process come so fast within 2 month. I feel very very lucky when I got this scholarship – maybe it call the power of dream – with the help of many people off course. I’m still not believe it happen, so I always said to my self “Don’t believe this is real until I set my foot in Japan!” ^_^; Beside my happiness, I also feel sad because it means I must to leave Indonesia for 2 years (T-T) and can’t eat Indonesian food + see my family + meet my boyfriends. BUT! This is my dream, I must to make it true now or never 😀

I go to Japan with the cheapest airplane in Indonesia with my mother, sister, and aunt. Eee, so many people?? because they weren’t bear to leave me alone in the trip Indonesia to Japan. But, the real reason is they want to traveling in Japan, because they never see Japan like me. They stay in Osaka for 2 days and go to Matsuyama (where I live) for 6 days. They already feel boring in third day when they arrive at Matsuyama. hahaha.. :))

(Me and my mom in Nankai station at Kansai Airport)

The First Time I go to Japan..
The airport is clean and so many information that we can get in this airport (who without guide or travel agent). Our hotel check in in 3 pm, but we come out from airport at 11.30 am, so we go directly to Sea world in Osaka (Kaiyukan) with our luggage. About this sea world will I share in my traveling blog, okay ^^.
I move to Japan, so I bring 2 big luggage 30 kg/each, fortunately I send that luggage with kuroneko agent directly to Matsuyama. I don’t know what will happen to our hand if that luggage be carried with us all the day (T-T)

Osaka is a Big city in Japan-I think-But I don’t see much car and people in the work time, Osaka become quite. So at 4 pm, all street and train become crowded and full with people. Everyone here are very fashionable and confident. They are friendly and willing to help, but somehow it seems the old people above 70 years is not too happy with foreigner, they will go away or get upset if we’re nearby. (-___-;)
Everything that I read in manga and watch in Anime or drama look so real and finally I realize I was in Japan for REAL!! hahaha (*^o^*)

Aah, yaa.. The opinion of those who always said that they lazy go to Japan because Japanese people could not speak English should be eliminated. They can speak English, maybe sometime with incorrect pronunciation, so we can use written language if you want to ask something. In addition, the direction, railway, and other facilities are also offer in English and written in alphabet, so do not worry to come here alone-anymore ^^

Nb: Learning a language by visiting the origin country is the right choice, because the lessons that I follow for a month to remember the vocabulary become so easy to do since I came to Japan

I hope I can return to my country with something..
I hope I won’t let down anyone..
I hope I can finish my Master and meet some friends.. 

By: Queen-Bee


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