Mini Skirt VS Winter

What’s wrong with mini skirt?
There’s nothing wrong with it. I just wonder, why they still use mini skirt in this cold weather. -__-?
They usually use mini skirt and than use long shocks or boots. Some of them use mini short plus stocking in additional. If you can’t imagine that, you can find their picture in internet LoL. I will not share their picture, because it will be violate the privacy ^o^

When it was about 12-15 degree C, maybe I could understand and in my mind I said “maybe it wasn’t cold for them because they used to in cold weather”. But, when it became colder and colder, curious feeling make me anxious *over* (´・_・`) So, I decided to ask a few Japanese girl in different age (*`へ´*)

There are a few answer from them.
“It’s not cold. It is cute, isn’t it? :)”
“It is cold, but we can handle it. At any time, fashion come first. Although it was summer, we still use boots.”
“Not really cold, but It wasn’t warm too. As long as our body not feeling cold, so it’s okay I think”

That answer are a main answer that I got. Actually, I asked man too. But, they don’t understand either why the girls wear so short in this cold weather Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ

Mini Skirt

I still can’t believe what they said, is that fashion more important than feeling warm?
So, this time I try to dress like them. I use dress that I bought from Indonesia (absolutely very thin) and add stocking that I bought in Japan at Autumn. Accidently, I bought 80 D (series of stocking) that I think quite thick. Because I heard from one of Japanese girl said that they use 80 D or 100 D so that they will not feel so cold.

How I feel??
I can’t describe it properly. LoL ε-(´∀`; )
But, now I can understand their feeling.. It wasn’t so cold and not warm too. But absolutely it look cute..
Even though I was very very shy when I wear it. They said that I just not used to wear it, but I’m beautiful (maybe because I’m foreigner)
I’m beautiful! Yes I am.. Hahaha (≧∇≦)

Truly speaking, they sometimes use thin stocking or mini skirt + short boots (without stocking) that must be more cold -__-”
I just can say that they are really really strong and cute ( T_T)\(^-^ )

Nb: don’t have any intent to offend anyone, just sharing ( ^ω^ )

By: Queen-Bee


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