Deal With Garbage in Matsuyama

Why I put ‘deal’ word?
Because the first time I came here, it was very annoying and troublesome. I live in room that smaller than 1LDK, I just have 1 room, 1 bathroom and small kitchen ~ yeah you know what I mean ~ it will be much smaller with this rule of garbage (my pessimistic thinking). Well, I call it ‘cute room’ or in Japanese we call it ‘かわいい部屋’. I love my room and I should do something!! σ(^_^;)

So!! What should I do to make my small room look pretty, big, and still can separated my garbage??
I bought 3 cute trash can and divided into plastic, paper, and burnable trash. I put them in corner kitchen-bathroom and I satisfy! they look pretty now ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Ups, What I am talking about!! hahaha
I just want to share that everything can be handle if we think we can and we want it be done. Just don’t be afraid and keep trying.. (^ν^)

Now, I want to share about garbage in Matsuyama city, Japan…
Maybe some of you already know that Japan is very good in handle garbage and recycle it. I Also think Japan is very clean and I love this kind of circumstances. Make me feel happy every time I go to anywhere.

There’re some people said that garbage rule in Matsuyama is very complicated than the other city in Japan. And maybe it’s true because actually we have to separate garbage into 10 category -__-” BUT fortunately, my landlord help us to separate them, so we just need to separate garbage at least into 3 category at least \(^o^)/

Garbage Matsuyama

*My garbage calendar  in 2012*

Garbage collection (schedule) in each region is different. So, if we want to get calendar, we have to go and tell our region (Shimizumachi – my region) in city hall. After that we will get calendar and a little explanation about color of plastic that must be use. BUT, off course all of the explanation is provided in Japanese kanji. T__T hahaha.. I can’t read it yet, but the calendar is very informative and colorful, so I can understand a little bit. (o^^o)

My simple garbage category:
1. Burnable
Actually, we can mix all burnable thing into one plastic translucent. But, to make it more clean, we usually divide into 2 category that are food and clothes. So, if there is someone who want to pick up the clothes and reuse or remake the clothes, it will be clean.
2. Plastic
There are so many plastic category, but I just make it simple for me. So, I divide into regular plastic and pet bottle plastic. Pet bottle means that it can be recycle again in the future.
3. Paper
I collect all my paper into one. We have to make the paper into sheets and tie them up with specific rope (another rule). This garbage taken only twice a week and carton must separate in different part of regular paper (thin).

The above is a brief explanation of minimum separation before disposal in my apartment.
O,ya I forget!! There is one garbage that we use to drink, it’s ‘can’. We have to separate them too, so as much as possible I won’t buy any food or drink in can. hahahaha (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

I think this separation is needed to make easier and faster government to disposal or recycle its.
And at least I think it will make environment more clean and tidy.
I hope if I go back to my country, I can and want to do this separation. (*`へ´*)

The last…
I wish that everyone who read this will be more love and concern to the environment. m(_ _)m

By: Queen-Bee


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