Mashed Baked Sweet Potato

It’d been awhile since my last recipe(*^^*)
I do like cook so much, although I live alone, I even cook everyday!! ~ “I’m sorry to brag, it isn’t something special, though” haha

In the past 4 years, I’ve try to change my habit and live a healthy life. So I guess, I should share some recipes isn’t it? (^^♪
Since, I like to eat sweet potato, I want to share it with you!!
I eat it at breakfast! It was only took 30 minutes to prepared it from the very beginning..
Let’s begin to cook!!

*Resep dalam bahasa Indonesia silakan Klik

2014-12-15-17-32-30_decoIt will look like this..

Ingredient :
– 1 Sweet Potato (As big as your hand is enough, I guess)
– 1 tsp butter
– 3 tbsp Milk (I rather to use fresh milk)
– 1/2 tsp sugar
– 1 tsp pure honey (I used this to replace sugar)

How to make:
step aa. Peel the sweet potato and cut it into small pieces, after that you can boil it until it tender. *For my case, I put it in a bowl, cover it with warping and put it into microwave for 3 minutes.



2014-12-14-10-11-59_decob. Mashed the sweet potato with everything you had. It don’t have to mashed tool, Be creative!! haha
c. Put all Ingredient together and mix it evenly



2014-12-14-10-22-27_decod. Place the mashed sweet potato into aluminum foil in the same amount. If you don’t have this ‘easy to use aluminum foil’, you can cut aluminum foil and shape it, it won’t be so hard to do.
e. Before put it into toaster, spread parmesan cheese on the top it – if you like it – because I love cheese so much. haha
f. Cook the mashed sweet potato for 10 minutes and it ready to eat!!


It so easy to make, isn’t it???
You can be creative on it, it don’t have to be sweet potato, you can change it into potato, pumpkin, or cassava.
I eat it along with Smoothie~ It was so delicious!!
I will share my smoothie recipe another time.. (*’▽’)

By: Queen-Bee


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