Photo Box in Japan

It’d been awhile since I wrote my last post…
This posting is about photo box in Japan or you can call it “Purikura”
You can find purikura box in every amusement park or game center or even in purikura center..


Why I’m so excited about this photo box??
Because!!!! This photo box is not a regular photo box! (^^♪
In my home country, Indonesia, the special things about photo box are it have figure and cute stamp over it. But, purikura is more than that!! ( *´艸`)

Since purikura was designed for Japanese people, so the specialty of this photo box is make the eyes looks bigger!! (*’▽’) This purikura can make girls prettier than it should be. And because of that, so many man in Japan won’t believe the beautiful of girls that shown in Purikura pictures, they called it “fraud” haha.. But I don’t care!! I like purikura because this photo box have so many editing options after we took the photos (^_-)-☆

But don’t worry!! Because of recently so many foreigner that took purikura too, there are so many options this day.. I always pick ‘natural eyes’ hahaha

So many type of purikura that you can choose, it depend on what you want to be or to do.. hahaha
Just have fun with it okay!! (∩´∀`)∩

Those are purikura that I took with my friends!!


Collage 2014-11-24 20_47_35

This is purikura that I took when my older sister came to visit me in here


The short hair of me is my last purikura before I wrote this post.. I cut my hair so short a few months before.. I was so afraid it didn’t suit on me, but turn out it wasn’t so bad haha(/ω\)

If you go to Japan, you must to try this purikura for sure‼
I don’t think every traveler who come to Japan know this,
So, this activity have to be include in the list of ‘things to do in Japan’ (*´▽`*)

Well, Have fun with Purikura!!
~ Queen Bee ~


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